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Monday, May 2, 2016

Found on Tumblr - Miss "pretty on the inside"

The Facebook post I did drew a lot of comments, don't know the author or the addresses of the prize winners . . .

An O and an X on a thank you card received recently

Letterpress designed in Australia and produced in NYC by - thanks Jean-Pierre!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fourteen details of John Nelson's studio at Byron Bay, taken yesterday

His is always picking up other's rubbish. He sees beauty in trash and over the years his numerous collections have delighted his friends and visitors. You can't buy a dolly's/child's chair now for under $50.00 anywhere . . . I counted eleven in a row upstairs (not all 'pink' though).

The rose vase upstairs

Detail of a painting - his parent's bed where he was made (he tells us)

Details of current paintings:

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I haven't posted a (found) note for ages

. . . this one was left under our front door while we were on holidays recently:

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Love - Heshka, this one is for me

Half the apricot tree's produce this season

The letter R (part of colonial signboard) we have in our kitchen in Tunbridge, Tasmania

The R from a BUTCHER's sign - #Tasmania #ColonialShop #Tunbridge

Found O and Xs

Out in Auckland, New Zealand in the (off Broadway) area called Newmarket.

Multiple circles and crosses - colonial wire worked bowl

Absolutely perfect now the rust has been addressed #Tasmania #ColonialShop #Tunbridge

Belated 'happy new year' for 2016, here it is Thursday Feb 25 - and a leap year!

New year day we arrived in Tasmania for two months at our (other home). One of
our first finds was this Copeland plate - a signature an impress mark and a Spode run number. Lovelt rich hand colouring over early transfer.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another early shot has come to life - my first job out of art school, 1966 at Myer Advertising Department

Second from the right, front row - in sneakers with the swept fringe. I started as a cadet, learnt every job in the place and left to freelance as an art director at Carrigans two years later. My tutor and boss was Max Fulcher who is still in touch, every one of these creative & production people made an impression on me that has stayed with me for 48 years since the shot was taken. Sadly many have passed away but four are still in contact on FB and there is a M.A.D. MATES private page there as well . . .
Max writes his Myer history:
I joined in 1956 as assistant advertising manager under John Strathen, before Myer purchase. Staff of three. We worked in a small area adjacent to the main office on the third floor. Left to join Farmer's in Sydney and returned two years later after the Myer purchase when it was deemed someone with Sydney experience was needed to assist Strathen.

I had secured my old job for Paul Jones before I left for Sydney. On my return I was again made assistant advertising manager and Paul worked alongside me. Della Tolhurst from Sydney was the first full time copywriter and some 15 years later married Strathen.

He resigned 1956 and I was appointed (temporary) Ad Manager. Appointed Advertising manager after three months. Paul continued to work as Assistant Ad Manager until he left to join Allan & Stark in Queen Street. 

My first employee was Patricia Mortimer 50s (vale) as the first Art/Production Manager. Quickly followed David Nicholson 50s, Ray Lloyd 50s, Bruce Knowles 50s, Alec Smith 50s, Brian Patterson 60s, Glenda Southward 60s (first fashion/photography co-ordiator). Neil Frampton 50s, Jan Noble 50s, Wendy Kadell 60s (vale) was first freelance fashion artist, Bob Aird 50s (freelance Menswear). George Hazard 50s and Arch (and Geraldine) Kettle 60s also important art contributors. Harry Poulsen's CamaraCraft 50s was major photography studio (he employed my sister Gem Fulcher). Geoff Dauth and Barry Green 60s were also freelance photographers. Dagmar Dawson 50s (freelance layout), Les Brown 50s, Desmond Hughes 50s (Publicity).

Myer purchased Allan & Stark (and Chermside Shopping Centre) and (soon to be a group of five Queensland stores) decided that group buying (therefore selling) was the was to go. Paul Jones and his team (which included Donagh (Pye) Lytsas were brought into the Myer/McWhirter group. I was appointed Myer Advertising Manager (Qld) Group.

Paul Jones and Bruce Knowles left to open the Jones Knowles advertising agency. Adrian Buchanan (mentioned below) later joined them.

New staff was added and numbers grew. John Drury 60s (vale), Bob Stonier 60s, Barry Hollahan 50s, John Hallet 60s, Lyra Kohn 60s, Adrian Buchanan 60s, David Schacher 60s (vale), Helen Newman 60s, David Lanham 60s, Bob Murray 60s, Jan Prior 60s, Jeanette McGann 60s (transferred in from Myer Melborne), Wendy Green 60s, Rosemary Bertell 60s, Brian Patterson 60s (Broadcast), Fred Pettingel 60s (Print Production), Mary Brewster 60s (secretary), Bob Walpole, 60s Anne Leroy 60s, Malcolm Enright 60s – so many more. 

The original office was too small and public. I discovered the old two story water tower on McWhirters rooftop and convinced Harold Fielding (Chairman McWhirters and then Myer Qld) it could make a suitable (creative) atmosphere for the ad department. Display Manager Mervyn Laffey drew up plans and in 1961 we moved rooftop. No covered walkway so we entered building through rain, hail, biting winds, ROUGH. The Rooftop Carnival was created each year for Christmas and New Year trading. We fought our way through droves of children on swings and roundabouts – a steam train – with loud Christmas carols blaring. Some creativity!

Harold Fielding and the Myer family decided that (rather than taking me into Myer Melbourne) i should travel on an extended USA trip to investigate group advertising. Away four months. New York World Fair (1964), Macy's, Bloomingdales, Hudson (Detroit), Marshall Field's (Chicago), Bloomingdales and B.Altman and Co (5th Avenue New York). Trip of a lifetime.

Returned 1964. Created Director of Myer (Qld) Board, remained three years and left to purchase advertising agency W.B. Lawrence Advertising (Sydney) in 1967. Replaced by Frank Somerville (vale) who was later replaced by Alec Smith (vale).

Sunday, November 29, 2015

An old photo just surfaced today and sent to me from my first wife, Janis Enright

From the age of eleven I worked Saturdays at Harcourt Howard's antique shop at the Albion and then at his home at Denham Street Clayfield, in Brisbane.
I learned the trade that was buying and selling but more importantly, I learned that research and restoration were the two most important elements to success.
I was far more inclined towards collecting than trading and was also more focused on a design career. Dealers it seemed to me were always at each other's throats and scheming to devise ways of extracting key pieces from households they had entree to.
I can't remember the cat in the pic, he had so many.
Harcourt was a generous man with his time and knowledge, there was no area of the house 'out-of-bounds' to me. This trained me to be scrupulously honest or else . . .
His wife Elsie had passed away by this time, she was a medium in the "Spiritualist Church" and was trained by my GrandMother on my Father's side - Annabell Enright.
I can see that this was after Harcourt's stroke as his right hand was affected, still although his speech did return to normal.
I was so chuffed to see this lost image, again - Love you Harkie (and Janis)!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My O and X images have been off the boil - a few newies:

My shot yesterday - my sister's daughter's son (Blayde) comes to the studio Thursdays as he is interested in learning hand skills associated with his model building. He is useless for the next two to three weeks - (the most important time of the year), preparation time downhill to studio Christmas sale.

From @cottageindustrystore in my InstaG account

From @sibellacourt in my InstaG account

From @mattjt on my InstaG account

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Our jewellery studio isn't an actual shop with a shingle anymore

Our favourite 'shop shingle' that I have on hand to make should we ever start a "shop" again. Almost a circle and a cross in that skillet, eh?